Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nice to get away...

We were in Penticton, BC a couple of weeks ago during the May long weekend/week because the DH had a bike training camp, so why not make it a vacation for the whole family. I just love it there. With two beaches, two lakes, wineries all over, I could definitely move there in a heartbeat. I think we'll move there when we retire. The weather was beautiful and it was nice to just get away.

The DH was out doing a long ride one beautiful day, so I packed up the kids and we biked to the beach on the opposite side of the town. The Lake Skaha side is nicer than the Okanagan Lake side and much warmer. As you can see, B-boy loved playing in the sand and Little M enjoyed sitting and eating.

We're going back there in late August as the DH is signing up for Ironman Canada 2010. Can't wait!

The kids and I also went to Kelowna for the day and I met up with Evelyn at the KVR Coffee shop for their bi-weekly Sit 'n Stitch. It was nice chatting with her. She even started a new podcast. Check it out.

As for knitting, I signed up for the Unique Sheep "The 6 Kingdom" club and this is the first package. This may be knit up as a gift for someone. In the little tin, there is flower seeds for planting. Not sure what kind of flowers, but I think I'll plant them in my little planter pots in front of our house and see what comes out.

Well, I said that I would update you on my Kiila Mystery KAL socks, but didn't keep my promise as it is now June and my last post was at the beginning of May. I am almost finished the first sock of the Kiilas. It is a really fast knit, but I'm working on other projects, so it's been a bit slow in finishing these. I just need to finish them before June 30th for the KAL.

I just finished my Elsewhere sweater by Amy Swenson last night, but it still needs to be blocked/steamed. So far I love the look of it and can't wait to wear it. I will hopefully have pictures of it up soon.

I also got some yummy goodness from Yarnissima. Two pairs of socks. One of them is Fratello and the other is La Digitessa. I just love the colours of the yarn.

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Ev said...

Hey!! Just found your blog and will make sure to add you to my Bloglines. It was so strange to see my name there. How are the boys?