Friday, November 28, 2008

Well, I finally broke down and decided to make my own blog. I've blogged before, but it was mostly about me and my family so that friends knew what was going on in our lives. Then Facebook was launched and the old blog diminished. So, now I've decided to blog about knitting and anything else that's interesting my life. We'll see where this goes.

With two little boys to look after, hopefully I can blog as much as possible. I definitely try to fit in as much knitting as possible with my free time. Currently I`m working on three projects.

One is the famous Noro self-striping scarf by Brooklyntweed.

The other is a sweater for my oldest son which will be his first knitted sweater by mommy. Hopefully he`ll like it. Hopefully he doesn`t ruin it so that his little brother gets to wear it later.

And the third is the also famous Monkey sock pattern by Cookie A. The yarm I`m using for this is Lorna`s Laces sock yarn that was dyed especially for a retreat I went to during the first weekend of this month. Cookie A was one of the guest instructors at this amazing retreat.

I never have only one project going as, I`m sure, most knitters don`t as well. Keeps me busy and not bored with the one project.