Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Another KAL??

I finally finished my Kiila socks. Love the pattern and how the cables look. Yarnissima's an amazing designer. It was an actual easy pattern to do. Lots of stockinette stitches, but still have the cables on each side gives it the excitement. And the increasing ribbed leg and cuff. Beautiful. I will definitely be doing another one of these considering this pair is going to my best friend and I want a pair for myself.

The only issue I had with these socks was the yarn. As you can see in the picture above, the colours are a bit off on both the socks. These were knitted in Knitpicks Essential yarn in Gold. They were both from the same dye lot. I bought these on sale as they were getting rid of their 50g skeins (they introduced the 100g skeins because of the colour difference) and tried to match the colours when they sent them out. Oh well. C'est La Vive. That's life.

Another KAL you ask? Why yes! Now that I've casted off the KAL socks, I've signed up for a mystery bag KAL. It's designed by She-Knits and the clues are being sent to Raveller's weekly. You must be signed up to participate and unfortunately the sign-up is now closed. She will be making this pattern available for purchase once the KAL is over. I've already done the first clue and just got the second clue today. It's so far an easy knit and it has Fair Isle, so it's quite interesting. Can't wait to felt it once it's done. Hopefully I'll be able to keep you updated with pictures as I go. Just need to make sure I don't spoil it for other people in the KAL. If you want to see what I've done so far, you can check it out (Warning!) here. It's only the beginning, so there isn't much to see.

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