Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ironman/Penticton Update...

Didn't blog right after the race, but here is the update (finally!).

Picture of our car using Crayola Window Markers. It worked out great, except when it started to rain up at Yellow Lakes. Then the colours ran and the rear windshield wiper wiped parts of it off.

Me and the boys waiting for daddy up at Yellow Lakes. A really good spot to see the athletes as it is the last big climb on the bike route.

Hubby on the last stretch of the run. Yippee! You're an Ironman!!!

Our friend, Curt, going out for his run. Way to go! You're an Ironman, too!!!

Hubby did 11:14:07 and Curt did 15:48:37. Considering the conditions, it was a good race. Now hubby's looking at 2012. We'll see....