Saturday, April 25, 2009

At least one post in April!

I haven't posted in a while and I apologize for that. Wanted to get pictures so that I can post them. I've been busy knitting these last few weeks and have a few finished projects. Here are some of them.

I finally finished my Silky Green Gable sweater by Zephyr Style. Love the style of this pattern and it was very easy to knit up. Gotta love topdown projects. This was made with Tahki Yarns Savoy. The colour is Olive and it is a blend of 52% silk and 48% merino wool.

Finished my first BMFA's Rockin' Sock Club socks, Queen of Beads by Sivia Harding. Love how the beads are used. I've had many compliments on them. I had rushed to finish the second sock before I received the next sock kit in the mail.

Still haven't started the new socks. The ball is wound, but have not casted on yet. Love the colours!
I also finished a sweater for my Sister-in-law that she started a year and a half ago. We took the Top-down raglan class at Make One Yarn Studios back in September of 2007. She got to the bottom hem of the sweater, but got really discouraged with the moss stitch, so she stopped working on it. I volunteered (well, Sandra from the store suggested that I do a good deed and offer) to finish the sweater for her. I just needed to finish the hem, the collar with the ties, and both the sleeves. It took a while for me to work on it as I like to work on my own projects, but finally got to it and finished it for her last week. She came over on Sunday and she was thrilled that it was done (she wore it the whole time she was here). The pattern is Knitting Pure & Simple Topdown Cardigan and the yarn used was Misti Alpaca Baby Alpaca.

I wasn't able to be part of The Loope Ewe's sock club this year, but was able to get the consolation sock kit for those that didn't get in. The yarn is Handmaiden's Casbah in W(h)ine with Roses. The sock pattern is by Wendy Johnson. Also got a Loopy pen and a Loopy spring bag.

It was my youngest son's first birthday yesterday, but we had his birthday party on Sunday. I just love watching baby's first discoveries of cake and icing and how they try to stuff the whole thing into their mouths.