Thursday, March 12, 2009

What is the best way of knitting TWO socks? I've been knitting socks with double pointed needles for most of my sock projects. I like the thought of knitting in the old, traditional way. I've tried knitting socks with two circular needles and that seems to work well for me, too. I've even tried the magic loop. But I only knitted one sock at a time with these methods.

I'm really wanting to try knitting two socks at the same time so that I don't get SSS - Second Sock Syndrome. I've read that some people work both socks on separate dp needles at the same time and that works for them. I'm currently trying to knit two simple k2,p2 ribbed socks for my husband on two circular needles. But, I'm getting a bit frustrated. I get confused with the yarn when they cross each other as well as which needle to use next. It could be that I'm using the wrong length needles!?! I'm using 32" circulars. I know, I know! A bit too long for my project. After reading some websites, I need to get 24" circulars, maybe even 16" circulars. Has anyone tried knitting two socks with the one circular magic loop? Is that easy to learn? I'm curious...

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