Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Finished objects!

Thanks to Terra and The Kniterpreter, here' my hero that I made here. It was a load of fun!

Here are some finished projects that I did in last few weeks.

I finally finished Cookie's Monkey socks last week. The first sock took me awhile to finish, but once I finished it, I breezed through the second one. Really. The pattern was actually easy to remember, so I didn't need to follow the chart as I did for the first one.

I also finished Amy Swenson's Emerald. It took me a couple of times to finish it as the first time I finished it, it was a bit too big for what I liked. So I frogged it and redid another one in a smaller size and now I just LOVE it! I was also hesitant on the colour, but I'm glad Trish convinced me. I just love the colour! And it didn't take me very long to do either. I did the sweater in just over two weeks, including the first time I finished the sweater and frogged it.

Here is my finished Noro striped scarf by Brooklyntweed. I'm pretty happy with it and love how the colours worked together. I will definitely make another one of these in the future.
I am currently working on a few projects right now as you can see on the sidebar of my blog. Hopefully finish more projects soon.
Until next time.....

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